Ccleaner for Mac (Official) Free Download

Ccleaner is an application that cleans all the infectious files from system. It is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS for free download. We have avail Ccleaner for Mac operating system on this page. It is small, and effective utility for all those systems on whom running the Mac operating system. It is reliable to clean the “junk” file and folders that harm the system. These harmful file accumulate over the time that create problems in a system such as broken system permissions, temporary files, and many others.

Ccleaner is best to protect your privacy on internet. It nicely works to clean the browser history and internet temporary files. It makes the users more stable against the hackers, and there is a less susceptible to identity theft change. The ccleaner is also best to clean the unneeded files from PC programs that had been saved on HD space.

Ccleaner is for Mac that cleans junk file and folder. It is a cleaning application compatible with computers running Macintosh operating system.

Ccleaner is made of two words, the “C” and the “Cleaner”. The first “C” refers to “Crap” that the second word can clean out. It is developed by “Ccleaner” for all operating systems.

There are various other functions that nicely performs by Ccleaner. The first one is “Speed”, the second one is “Security”, then “Space”, “Stability”, and “Privacy”. You will take a brief look at all these features later in this article. It is also good to keep your device clean after download video Tiktok.

Ccleaner for Mac

It is multifunction software application tool developed for Macintosh that monitor a system for safe, secure, and fast. Ccleaner cleans the extra files and folders from a system to keep the device stable against threats. It can clean unneeded files, web browsers, and installed applications from system. Ccleaner requires the user to be logged into an administrator account.

Ccleaner for Mac Download

The Ccleaner can do many task on a system that you can preferred or not. But majority in the world like it. The following task “Ccleaner” can do;

  1. By deleting the internet temporary files, and passwords protect your browsing privacy on shared or public computers.
  2. Removing information about various data that users accessing using many applications OS X for privacy security.
  3. The traces of deleted documents removing the securely wiping free disk space.
  4. Unnecessary background programs will be disabled to reduce memory load and speed up.
  5. It can uninstall unwanted software from system
  6. Deleting the cookies that track the users visits by various websites
    There are various tasks that “Ccleaner” unable to beat them, and those are;
  7. Unable to detect and remove Spyware
  8. Unable to detect and remove Malware

The people are asking from different countries that “Is it possible to recovered the data cleaned by Ccleaner?”

According to officials, the recovery of the clean data by Ccleaner depends on user’s skills and used resources. The other main thing is that what setting user setup in the Ccleaner to clean the data.
The Ccleaner supports the Mac OS X v10.8 to v10.14 Mojave. It is a small size app that can be easily download and install on Mac computers. It supports only for Intel-Based chip.

How to Clean with Ccleaner?

Follow the step below to properly install the Ccleaner on your Mac computer to stay safe and secure.

  1. Click on the icon at left site
  2. Choose OS X tap
  3. Now check the boxes on the feature that you want to remove
  4. The click “OK”
  5. Go to application section
  6. Choose the features under application tap that you want to clean
  7. Tap on “Analyze Button” (It may take some time)
  8. After completion of analysis, you will get a list of features that you want to remove. Review it before run the cleaner.
  9. Now run the Cleaner (you will get a warned message about permanently removing the files from your system, lick “OK” to proceed)
  10. You will get a report by Ccleaner about the cleaning when the cleaning process will complete

Features of Ccleaner

Ccleaner features are performing the mind-blowing tasks on all operating systems. It cleans a system and secure user privacy from being theft or chances of theft. Following features, I have included here, you can take some time to read.

  1. Privacy Protection
    Ccleaner removes passwords, internet files and configuration file from shared Mac.
  2. Performance
    Ccleaner is removing the unnecessary files from system, reducing the background running programs, and number of programs that start with OS X.
  3. Space Free UP
    It is best to recognize the unnecessary file on hard drive and removing them to free up space on HD.
  4. Security for System
    Ccleaner permanently erase the previous deleted files from system and infectious files too to provide best security for users.
  5. System Stability
    It is repairing system permissions for smooth use by enabling the OS X.

Trouble Shooting When Ccleaner Failed

If there is a file or folder in your system that still exit after running the Ccleaner’s cleaner while they are included in cleaning. You can follow the techniques below to clean them from system permanently. It is best to clean social apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp Web, Instgram, etc. It is necessary to keep clean your Whatsapp to secure your data from external attacks.

There is an option in Ccleaner that users can tell it to clean the custom files and folders from the system. You can do this before running the cleaner on system. This option is exiting under the “cleaning section”.

  1. Open Ccleaner
  2. Click on icon that always located at left
  3. Go to the Mac OS X tab
  4. Advance Section
  5. Check the box of “Custom files and Folders”
  6. Run the Ccleaner’s cleaner again
  7. The previous exiting files and folders will not be exit


Download Ccleaner for Mac from here. It is a best software application tool to clean up the system from junk files that harm a system. Ccleaner cleans a system from being hacked by cleaning the web browser history, internet files, and extra programs running with OS X.

Cleaner is a small size file to download and install on Mac operating system. It is free for everyone in the world. You can download the genuine file of Ccleaner from here.

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